Pineapple Bromelaine for Weight Loss

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Pineapple Extra Forte for Weight Loss – a term I’m beginning to hear more and more around me. This French supplement has many debates.


We talk about these natural capsules, which are found in many online dietary supplements online stores.
What are the benefits of these capsules with pineapple extract? What are the advantages and, if any, the disadvantages of a long-term cure?
Let’s take it to step by step.

What is the pineapple extract?

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The name says it very straightforwardly. In specialized laboratories of pineapple juice and pulp extract the substance that helps you lose weight, bromelain.
Instead of having to consume a few pounds of pineapple, which is almost impossible for anyone, the researchers have managed to incorporate the benefits of pineapple into a small capsule.
Thus, pineapple extract (bromelain) is more effective in fighting fat than its consumption in very large quantities, which would lead to other health problems.
It is similar to other supplements wherein a small capsule is precisely the required dose of a nutrient (e.g., Raspberry ketone 700 raspberry kettle).

The main ingredient that helps to lose extra pounds is bromelain, a digestive enzyme found in pineapple. This enzyme is extracted from pineapple juice and has many health benefits.
Besides this active enzyme, extra strong pineapple also contains vitamin B and vitamin B6 – and you need these vitamins, believe me. Today’s foods no longer include the vitamins and nutrients we need so much.

Other ingredients in the composition of these weight loss pills:

Vegetable magnesium stearate
Chromium Picolinate

Now that we know how your ally is called against excess fat let’s see how it helps you lose weight.

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Burns excess fat

The bromelain diet helps eliminate fat on the belly, buttocks, and thighs, as experts from Canada and Sua say after having tested the cure with pineapple extract on several people.
So the pineapple extract has become popular and is one of the most used supplements for reducing excess weight. But bromelain is not useful just to eliminate unwanted fat. Read more!

Fights water retention

Pineapple extract also helps eliminate excess sweating or treat sinus problems. It also has a diuretic effect. Being nearly as effective in removing water from the body as raspberry ketones, ginger, green tea or green coffee. If you know you have significant problems with water retention, please read more about diuretic pills with raspberry ketone.

Improves digestion

Bromelain enzyme reduces joint pain and reduces stomach acidity or burns as we say.
Her role in digestion is crucial. Pineapple bromelain works with the digestive system for a healthier body. And that’s what you want.


Bromelain also has a slightly detoxifying effect. Pineapple extract is increasingly used in detoxification supplements. Pineapple enzymes easily remove toxins from the body being an excellent adjunct to slimming diets. If you are here looking for active detoxifying pills, I recommend Untoxin with probiotics.

Side effects and contraindications

You should know that any supplement may cause some minor or more severe side effects. Although pineapple extract is a natural product, even these products can cause some problems for some people. Rarely, but it can happen.
Fortunately, side effects can be simple indigestion or allergies. If these effects occur, it is good to go to the doctor and see if the pineapple extract is the cause. Fruits can cause such problems.
You know, like any supplement or drug, there are contraindications. This is because there are special situations like pregnant women, nursing women and, of course, people allergic to pineapple.

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