Tyrosine effects on weight loss

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Tyrosine is an amino acid that has been found to have a positive effect by stimulating excess fat burning. I recently read on a forum where there is a lot of girl talk several opinions about this supplement that helps you be suppler.

I’ve read a few positive reviews and was surprised to see that there are already many people using these weight loss pills.

There are some people who have not been able to lose weight faster using these capsules, but no wonder – there are no magical substances that have an effect on everyone, there are too many variables.

Sure there are other supplements that promise the same thing but maybe tyrosine pills are more effective in your case.

I do not know if they can be found in regular pharmacies, but these capsules can be ordered online just like any other weight loss supplement.

If you are puzzled about the pros and cons of this supplement, I will explain from A to Z what is and how tyrosine acts in aid of your figure.

What is tyrosine?

As I said before, tyrosine is one of the non-essential amino acids naturally synthesized by the liver.

This amino acid increases dopamine levels in the brain and is a natural anti-depressant.

Let’s say it’s a small substance that helps you be more energetic and relaxed and also helps you get rid of excess fat.

If you had a diverse diet you could get your required dose of tyrosine from foods like: avocado, bananas, fish, yogurt and many more but, as you probably already know, our diet and way of life make external tyrosine intake necessary in some cases.

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This amino acid increases dopamine levels in the brain and is a natural anti-depressant.

Tyrosine pills supplements contain a recommended dose of this substance which, as you will see below, has multiple benefits including the one you are interested in –  healthy weight loss.


We have reached the interesting part – how does tyrosine come to your aid? Several ways.

It is worth mentioning that tests and studies have been made on this amino acid and it has been shown in most cases that, when used in combination with exercise and a balanced diet, tyrosine will help you get rid of fat and excess pounds faster.

Tyrosine has this relaxing effect and will help you reduce stress and depression – two very common diseases nowadays that are in direct correlation with weight gain.

You know those times when you don’t feel like moving, or you don’t really want to do anything – depression and sedentary lifestyle go hand in hand, tyrosine will change that pretty quickly.

Another effect of tyrosine, proven by several studies, is that it will reduce your appetite( like coconut extract) or increase this effect in combination with other supplements. Sounds ok right? You eat moderately and then you will lose weight faster.

Tyrosine stimulates the body to produce epinephrine, a hormone that accelerates fat burning.

You will become more energetic and at the same time you will eliminate unwanted fat faster if you combine tyrosine with going to the gym or running.

Recently it has been found that tyrosine also has a stimulatory effect on thyroid function.

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I am sure you have heard that when you have problems with the thyroid gland you will surely experience the problem of extra kilos.

Tyrosine also manages to show its benefits here, indirectly stimulating fat metabolism and fat burning.

This amino acid works well with other supplements that suppress the appetite and helps you train more efficiently or simply –get excited about working out.

A package of benefits in a small pill that you can buy at any time! I am not talking about miraculous results but about a substance that is generally found in your body.

Therefore, tyrosine energizes you, drives away your depression, helps burn fat and keeps your body healthier.

Side effects

Surprisingly or not, it appears that tyrosine taken at normal doses should not cause side effects.

Very few common symptoms such as headache or joint pain, vomiting and fatigue have occurred.

Being a naturally occurring amino acid, I am sure that for most of us there will be no negative response from the body.

You should not exaggerate in terms of consumption and if you know that you are more sensitive it may be necessary to ask a doctor about tyrosine supplements.


Tyrosine supplements are contraindicated if you are taking antidepressant treatment.

Like any dopamine precursor, tyrosine will interact with drugs of this type. Also, you should not take tyrosine if you have hypothyroidism.

Avoid this supplement, in fact any supplement, if you are pregnant or ask the doctor if you can use it.



Tyrosine is slightly different from other supplements and although it does not have a very aggressive action it is still important for you when other weight loss pills have not had the expected effect. Tyrosine will help you!

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