Amphetamine pills safe and good for weight loss?

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What is amphetamine( known also as Aderall)?

Can amphetamine help you lose weight? Although it is sometimes classified as one of the adverse effects of the consumption of this stimulant, amphetamine has been shown to play an important role in weight loss.

You’ve probably heard at least once about this substance.

It is a synthetic stimulant discovered a few decades ago that is used in treating certain diseases of the nervous system, perhaps the most known being ADHD, a very widespread attention disorder.

This substance acts as a stimulant of the nervous system, having numerous positive effects for it.

Some supplement manufacturers have also managed to create safe products for general consumption which can be found in some pharmacies.

So, you can always buy a supplement with amphetamine. But what does that have to do with weight loss? Let’s talk about that now.


Benefits of the Supplement

I don’t want to repeat myself because I think you understand what amphetamine is used for.

It is not a natural supplement like many others that we have spoken about but a chemical compound whose adverse effects are positive effects for you if you struggle with obesity or with a few extra pounds.

In most diets you have to reduce the number of calories consumed. You do that by consuming smaller amounts of food and exercising.

If you do not exercise, you will need to reduce the amount of food consumed even more.

Well, here comes the problem.

Although you don’t want this, your body will continue to demand the desired calorie portion you’ve been used to for so long.

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And so, you will be hungry more often and you won’t feel full very often, things that are a big obstacle when you start to stick to a certain diet.

To avoid these unpleasant effects, this supplement is a suitable choice.

Amphetamine is one of the strongest substances that greatly reduce your desire to eat.

In fact, it is stronger than most of the herbal supplements that we have spoken about when it comes to feeling full and eating less.

Reducing appetite by amphetamine supplements is shown and demonstrated in several studies and is therefore used in many weight loss pills.

There are even known cases when the consumption of this substance resulted in extreme weight loss, known as anorexia.

Other studies have shown that amphetamine somehow stimulates the metabolism and has a blocking effect on the full digestion of food.

Basically, it helps you partially process food consumed by leading to lower calorie intake, which is good for your silhouette.

So, amphetamine supplements have a particularly important role in helping you get rid of the extra pounds, especially if you fail to do any physical exercise due to lack of time.

Side effects

As synthetic products, amphetamine supplements may produce more problematic side effects than other natural supplements. They may cause insomnia, anxiety, dry mouth sensation or stomach aches.

As I said above anorexia is a side effect too. Sometimes, if you overuse this supplement long-term, you can find yourself in the situation where you no longer have appetite and lose weight more than you want.

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Always be cautious and always consider your health as a priority.


This supplement should not be used if you are following a treatment with antidepressants or medicines that regulate blood pressure.

If you suffer from a particular condition, you must talk to your doctor before starting a cure with this supplement.

Last but not least, the same consumer restrictions apply when you are pregnant or if you are breastfeeding.

Order and Price

Amphetamine supplements should be carefully chosen.

You cannot afford to buy any poor-quality supplement from the pharmacy, then see that it causes more problems than benefits.

What I can recommend, although you can choose other types, are the ThermGenX slimming capsules produced by Advanta Supplements.

Thermogen X for weight loss

These are popular on Amazon and generally have good ratings from those who have used them. It costs around 30 Usd but I think they are worth a try for at least a month and see if they have the effect you want.


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