Top benefits of Spirulina for weight loss

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What is spirulina?

Spirulina is a small marine alga that has existed for a long time on our planet. Also, for a long time it has been discovered that Spirulina is a super food with extraordinary benefits for your health.

It contains numerous vitamins, proteins and many other important nutrients for your body. For example, while beef contains 22% protein, Spirulina has a percentage of 70%.

In fact, Spirulina is regarded as a complete miracle food and also as a natural protector against many ailments.

Due to its benefits, Spirulina is successfully used in many diets for weight loss and I think you know at least one person who has lost weight with the help of supplements that contain these algae.

Spirulina you find in pharmacies or naturist pharmacies in the form of capsules containing the optimum dose of this natural algae.

Spirulina for Weight Loss


Spirulina is often compared with a miracle food in weight loss diets and many people have managed to lose weight much easier and without affecting in any way the nutritional intake needed for their body.

Let’s see what benefits Spirulina brings you.

First you must know that it has a high content of essential proteins and amino acids. Also, spirulina is digested much faster than meat for example.

Consuming this protein supplement, you won’t need to eat foods that contain many calories that are harmful to you when you want to lose weight.

Spirulina contains very few calories, actually only 3.9 per gram of protein.

In general, a Spirulina pill contains around 2 calories, a value that is insignificant and ideal for your weight loss diet.  In any diet, the number of calories is limited and from this data you realize the potential of this natural product.

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So, in combined with exercise, it will help you get rid of the fat on your body and strengthen your muscle tone.

Due to the rich content of nutrients, spirulina reduces appetite.

Why? Most foods do not contain the substances your body needs especially those we consume very often –by that I mean fast food or semi-cooked foods.

It is normal that after such meals, the feeling of hunger appears very quickly because you have consumed only useless calories without too many nutrients.

Consuming spirulina, your body will receive the proteins and vitamins so necessary for your body.

So, you’ll eat less and you’ll be hungry less often and you’ll also notice how, over time, your kilos will gradually drop towards the body you’ve always dreamed of.

Besides proteins, this supplement provides you with an optimum dose of Omega 3 and GLA fatty acids. You probably already know that these acids are used in slimming diets, protecting against the fat deposits.

Seeing all these benefits there’s no way to ignore Spirulina. It’s not just a supplement but even a healthy food for you.

If your diet is not exactly a healthy one, if you fail to lose weight at the rate you wish, then you will have to try a cure with Spirulina as soon as possible.

You will be healthier; you will eat less and if you also do a little exercise you will have both the weight you desire and a much-envied toned body due to the quality of proteins in this supplement.


Side effects

The consumption of an optimum dose of Spirulina does not pose problems to your health. Common negative effects related to the consumption of this naturally valuable product are not known.

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However, if more than the recommended dose is consumed, Spirulina may pose problems to the liver or kidneys. There may also be some digestive problems like diarrhea or stomach ache as well as dizziness or nausea.

It is extremely important to buy a high-quality spirulina supplement that really helps you. If you do not buy a quality product there is a high possibility to have even more side effects.


It is not advisable to consume Spirulina if you are breastfeeding or if you are pregnant. Of course, you can ask your doctor if you still want to start a spirulina cure.

Likewise, if you have digestive problems or suffer from diseases of the internal organs, do not consume pills with Spirulina without your doctor’s consent.



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