Lemon Extract for weight loss – a supplement review

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Lemon is one of the fruits commonly consumed all over the world and has numerous health benefits through the high content of vitamin C and healthy fibres.

Also, it has recently been discovered that common lemon may also have a beneficial role in diets for weight loss.

We are talking about a supplement extracted from the bark of lemons that consumed frequently would keep your weight under control and would help reduce fat deposits in the body.

What is lemon extract?

You have to admit that the consumption form of this fruit in its natural state is not very helpful. Sour taste and possible gastric problems prevent you from eating lemons daily and in the required amount.

To take advantage of all the positive effects of this fruit a supplement was successfully produced from the crust of the fruit and alcohol, the supplement found in online pharmacies under the name of lemon extract.

It contains the optimum daily dose for you which help you get rid of the negative aspects of the consumption of this fruit.

The lemon extract is presented in the form of capsules containing a concentrate from the oil obtained from the fruit.

lemon extract for weightloss

Benefits of the Supplement

We’ve come to the most interesting part. Let’s see what role this extract plays for your health and how it works in favour of your silhouette.

From the get-go you should know that Vitamin C in lemons protects your heart and vascular system. Stress and daily life, unhealthy eating and cigarettes are harmful to your heart. If you take lemon extract you will provide minimum protection to one of the most important organs in your body.

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Lemon prevents the formation of kidney stones. I wish you never experience the pain caused by these kidney stones, or perhaps you already know. The citric acid in lemons increases the PH in the urine and helps you to eliminate larger amounts from your body.

This perk is perfect to eliminate water retention as well, one of the problems that many women struggle with when they want to lose weight.

While we’re at weight loss, the lemon extract is a possible ally. At least, it is apparent from several studies and discussions in various forums about weight loss. But how does it do it?

The lemon extract contains a fibre that in many cases creates the feeling of fullness. That is, like other supplements such as  Spirulina, it will reduce your appetite and hunger. This will clearly help you reduce the number of calories consumed and you will be able to lose weight more easily.

A study from abroad made on mice showed that after injecting the substances from lemon extract they maintained their weight and reduced their fat deposits even though they were given food rich in fats and carbohydrates. It’s one of the few studies that have shown that lemon is actually efficient when you have problems with your silhouette.

Lemon helps, like other supplements, to regulate digestion and accelerate metabolism as well – important in any weight loss diet.

It also reduces fat deposits in your blood according to many theories. It is worth mentioning that the popular Dr Oz recommends at some point the lemon extract for obese people.

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Lemon also protects against cancer, anaemia and reduces stress. I also mentioned in other articles that there is a direct link between stress and changes in body weight, the lower the stress level the more you can maintain your desired weight or lose weight.

Side effect

Lemon extract is safe for the consumption of any person as long as the dosage is not exaggerated. There are no known or documented adverse reactions to lemon consumption or the extract we have just talked about, so you can rest assured it is safe to consume.


If you suffer from certain diseases of the digestive system or other, you should consult with a doctor before consuming this natural supplement. Likewise, it is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Here it is best to consume lemon in its natural state.

How to buy

The lemon extract seems to be an interesting and multi-faceted supplement when you want to lose weight or maintain your weight. It’s important to use only quality products to have the effects you want. I recommend you test this supplement – The Lemon Lean Diet.

You can find it on Amazon at a very good price, and it has encouraging reviews from those who have used it so it will surely help you.

One vial for a 30-day diet costs about 17 USD and in my opinion, it’s a good price reported to the multiple benefits of these pills with lemon extract.


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