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Beet Juice Detox 3

The beet juice detox – healthy or dangerous? The beet juice detox is probably one of the most dangerous diet detoxes out there. How does it compare to other wonky detox diets? There is no comparison. Why not? Because the beet juice detox is not a diet, it is just a short detox that usually lasts only a few days.
Okay, so if the beet juice detox is not a long-term diet, why would it be dangerous to drink beet juice? There are a number of reasons: First, beet juice lowers blood pressure, which is obviously a good thing if you have a consistently high blood pressure, but if your blood pressure is normal, you can pass out or become extremely lightheaded after drinking just one glass of beet juice.
Second, most people do not know how to do the beet juice detox properly. They seem to think that all they need to do is to just drink beet juice all day long, but the fact is, beet juice has to be always mixed with either other vegetables, leafy greens or fruits, such as apples or berries. Why? Because pure beet juice puts too much stress on kidneys and liver.
Third, pure beet juice contains a lot of oxalic acid. Why is it important? Because you do not want to combine two vegetables in a concentrate form that are high in oxalic acid. If you do, some people might get away with it, but most people will probably have a negative reaction that can range from stomach cramps to a moderate fever.

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