One Day Liver Detox Diet

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One Day Liver Detox Diet 3

Does one day liver detox diet exist? Yes, according to a number of diet gurus, one day liver detox diet is real. What does one day liver detox diet consist of? Olives. Huh? That’s right, the so-called one day liver detox diet is probably one of the strangest detoxes out there. Do not get me wrong; when it comes to a liver detox diet, I have seen a fair share of rather odd liver detoxes, but olives?
Yep, olives. Why would olives detox your liver? I am not sure. I do not think they do, but it does not mean that you cannot detox your liver in one day. How would I do it? For one day only, I would eat nothing but dark leafy green salads.
One day liver detox diet that really works Make a large salad that consists of organic leafy greens (preferably dark), add at least two table spoons of extra virgin olive oil and one table spoon of either rice vinegar (without added sodium and sugar) or fresh lime or lemon juice, and eat it five times a day.
If you are hungry and get a headache, do not be afraid to add some protein. Steamed fish is the best, but organic, skinless chicken breast or even grass-fed beef would work as well. If you do not want to eat animal proteins, to keep the hunger at bay, replace animal proteins with raw vegetables, such as carrots, bell peppers and radishes.

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