One Day Detox Recipe

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One Day Detox Recipe 3

      One day detox recipe should not be confused with one day detox diet. One day detox recipe is not a diet, it is just something you might want to try for one day only. Okay, some people actually use this one day detox recipe at least three times a week, but there is no shortage of other detox diet recipes out there, why limit yourself to just one?
       Besides, just like with detox diets you want to be exposed to as many good diets as possible, it is always a good idea to keep things moving, trying different detox recipes until you have a pretty good collection of your favorites. The following one day detox recipe is very simple:
      Take cottage cheese, add a few spoons of chia seeds, at one scoop of a quality, low-carb protein powder without any added vitamins or minerals, add a few table spoons of regular water, and mix it all together. That is all there is to it.
      This combo contains plenty of fiber, protein, calcium and other important nutrients. In addition, it is low in carbs and calories.

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