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Vegan Diet Detox 3

Vegan diet detox – is just another diet fad? How does vegan diet detox compare to popular mainstream detox diets? Some diet experts say that vegan diet detox is the best form of any detox diet out there. Others argue that vegan diet detox is actually the worst form of a diet detox. Who is right and who is wrong? What do I personally think about vegan diet detox?
I think neither group is correct, but both groups have some valid points. On the one hand, vegan diet detox sure sounds like a good idea, one the other hand, if you dig a little deeper it becomes obvious that vegan diet detox is not for everyone. The main problem is simply this: vegan diets are notoriously hard to follow. The reason for this is simple, a typical vegan diet, if not constructed properly, lacks protein and other important nutrients, which can easy lead to a number of deficiencies.
That having been said, assuming you know how to put together a balanced vegan diet, vegan diet detox can be healthy and useful. But in my opinion, this detox should be used sporadically. It is best suited for people who regularly eat red meat and fast food. If you are one of them, it is certainly a good idea to go on this detox at lest once every two weeks. Even if you do not eat fast food, it is still a good idea to use vegan diet detox, especially if you want to lose a few pounds, but make sure to consume plenty of protein from beans, tofu and other sources.

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