The Best Diet to Lose Weight – How 3 Small Changes Give You Big Results

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If you’re looking for a diet that works, here’s a little secret: They all do. Well, provided that they have you taking in fewer calories than you burn off. Here’s how making just 3 small changes in your life and diet can help you lose all the weight you want:


Know how many calories your body needs
First of all, you’ve got to know how many calories your body burns off as fuel every day. This is different for everybody, but you can get a good idea by visiting an online calorie calculator. Surprisingly, these are quite accurate.

Take in fewer calories than you need
When you have this number, start by subtracting 200. Eat this number of calories for a week. Preferably, eat foods high in nutrients, like green vegetables and lean protein. These foods fill you up, so you’ll end up eating fewer calories in the long run.

Also, lean protein has what is known as a high “thermic factor.” This means that for every 100 calories of lean protein you eat, about 30 of those calories are burned off while digesting the food.

Adjust as needed
If, at the end of this week, you haven’t lost any weight, subtract 100 more calories. Do this until you lose an average of about 1-2 pounds a week. If you want to eat more, you have a couple of choices.

You can either pig out on veggies like broccoli, or you can do some exercise. The veggies will fill you up, while the exercise will burn off the additional calories.

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