Losing Belly Fat – Finding the Motivation

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Maybe you’ve given up on losing serious weight. In fact, being healthy might even seem so far-fetched that it almost seems laughable these days.


If this is how you feel, rest assured that you’re not alone. But, you don’t have to give up, just because you’ve failed to lose weight in the past. You do have several options.

Most people who are seriously overweight have tried and failed to lose weight several times. Even though this can be emotionally disastrous, you can’t let it keep you from working toward your weight loss goals.

The truth is, hundreds of ways exist to lose weight. Maybe you just have to keep looking for the way that’s right for you.

If you’re committed to seriously losing weight, nothing can stop you except yourself. But, after all the disappointment, how do you know if you’re committed enough to lose the weight for good this time?

Well, try writing. If you can bring yourself to put your reasons for wanting to lose weight on paper, that’s a definite start. Also, be sure to set a deadline for when you’re going to start.

If you’re a good deal overweight and have little or no support system, talking to your doctor before you start a diet or exercise program might be an excellent idea. There are many benefits to this.

First of all, your doctor can tell you if you’re healthy enough to exercise, as well as advise you on the best kinds of food to eat for weight loss. Your doctor can also support you in your program, provide a good degree of accountability, and monitor your progress.

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The bottom line is you must take in fewer calories than you burn off. Believe it or not, there are ways to do this that are almost painless.


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