Lose Weight Quick Using Your Mind

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You need to lose weight fast, but every time you go on a diet, you end up failing miserably. Sure, you lose 10 pounds, but end up gaining 20. Is this some cruel trick? Is there really no fast way to lose weight and keep it off?


Most quick weight loss tips and weight loss systems forget about the most important factor that will help people lose weight quick and keep it off. I’m not talking about herbal weight loss pills or any other of the tons of weight loss supplements out there today. I’m talking about that thing between and on top of your shoulders.

The majority of people who fail on diets say it’s not because they were battling hunger, as is most commonly believed. They quit out of boredom or unrealistic expectations, and all the weight loss tea in the world won’t remedy that.

Usually the blame is placed on a particular fast weight loss diet plan or unexpected events which came up during the diet, but the real reason is usually psychological. Unless this is addressed, the failures will continue.

For instance, the first week or two you’re on a diet, it’s usually not that difficult because you’re still excited about it, and your enthusiasm carries you through. After that, however, the diet can start interfering with your usual lifestyle, and can become a burden.

It’s when we start feeling that the diet is something we “must” do is when the problems begin. We start feeling deprived, and forget the real reason we wanted to lose weight in the first place. So we usually cheat just a little.

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Then, we cheat a little more. Before we realize it, our diet has disappeared, the weight’s not going anywhere, and our self esteem bottoms out. Lather, rinse, repeat.

To avoid this happening, we need to keep reminding ourselves why we want to lose weight, and not get caught up in the details.


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