Green Coffee vs Weight Loss

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Green Coffee Extract capsules are a dietary supplement with proven effectiveness in burning fat and lowering body weight.


The product is especially recommended for people who want a simple, quick and natural way to lose weight. At the same time, this natural supplement has beneficial effects on the general health of the body.

For example, it stimulates vitality and re-energizes the body, helps the cardiovascular system, can prevent certain diseases and slows down the aging process.

The success of Green Coffee Plus is mainly due to chlorogenic acid, also known as CGA, a natural ingredient that is particularly effective in burning fats.

green coffee extract pills for weight loss

Why green coffee?

Originating in the tropical areas of Asia, South Africa or South America, coffee is a product of popularity over the years.

As is known and consumed, the coffee is black, resulting from the baking process it is subjected to.

In the natural state, coffee beans are green.

Green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, which plays a particularly useful role in burning fats.
Indeed, chlorogenic acid is found in many other natural products, but green coffee beans have the right amount for it to be effective.

What does Green Coffee Plus contain?

These pills contain the extract of natural green coffee- chlorogenic acid and a small amount of rice flour.

This powerful fat burner is 100% natural. Also, it does not contain animal extracts and is used with confidence even by vegetarians.

Fighting against fats

Green Coffee Plus is recommended for anyone who wants to naturally lose weight without resorting to a complex weight loss program.

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Why? Because some people fail to keep a rigorous and lasting die, or cannot participate in the hard and exhausting exercise or they have tried other formulas to lose weight without significant results.

Some tests have shown that by regular consumption this supplement can help loose even 8 Kg in just 4 weeks.

Of course, the result differs from one person to another. Also, it is recommended that in addition to using Green Coffee Plus pills, you should adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The main measures you should take are- a balanced diet, with no fatty foods and regular physical exercise.

The fantastic results of this supplement have been proven by scientific studies about the green coffee extract and the chlorogenic acid that is naturally found in green coffee butter.

Studies conducted by specialists, such as the University of Scranton Pennsylvania, have shown that chlorogenic acid accelerates fat burning.

Practically, chlorogenic acid is a phytochemical product that burns fat by stimulating metabolism.

Chlorogenic acid slows the release of glucose in the blood after a meal, and so the body is forced to use surplus fat cells to get the necessary glucose.

Chlorogenic acid also inhibits an enzyme called glucose six phosphatases that contributes to the formation and absorption of glucose in the liver. As a result of its action, chlorogenic acid is considered a blood sugar level regulator.

On the other hand, chlorogenic acid prevents the conversion of excess glucose from food to fat.

Green Coffee Plus thus prevents the formation of new fat cells but also has positive anti-diabetes effects.

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The concentration of chlorogenic acid decreases when coffee beans are processed at high temperatures to get the black coffee we know. This is why these active slimming pills use the extract of green coffee beans, which is unprocessed.


Other benefits

Green coffee contains antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals in the body. The result is a delay in the aging process, but also a reduction in the risk of diseases such as certain cancers.

It also contributes to regaining the vitality of the body by providing the necessary energy for the effort of each of us over a day.
Another advantage of Green Coffee Plus is blood pressure regulation and cholesterol reduction.

It also stimulates metabolism by ensuring a sustained weight loss of the body in the long run.

Also, chlorogenic acid regulates the blood glucose level.

Who is this product useful for?

It is a tested product with proven results in eliminating excess fat. Is made of exclusively natural ingredients, it does not contain additives, and the percentage of caffeine is very weak.

Therefore, it is recommended for any person who wants to lose weight naturally and quickly without resorting to strict diets or extenuating exercise.

The Green Coffee Plus is also good for those who want to revitalize the body, stimulate metabolism, regulate digestion or improve the cardiovascular system.

This supplement can be used by people with high blood pressure or increased cholesterol to bring blood pressure up to standard and restore cholesterol levels.


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Green Coffee versus Garcinia Cambogia

Faster weight loss-  Equality

Safer for health and more benefits – Equality


Side effects and contraindications

Pregnant and lactating women should not consume this natural supplement. It is advisable to have a doctor’s agreement because the effect on the young is not sufficiently studied.


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