Free Detox Diets Are Not Free

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Free Detox Diets Are Not Free 3

Should you use free detox diets? What separates free detox diets from the paid programs? Generally speaking, when it comes to free detox diet programs, one should exercise caution. Why? Because when you pay for something, you expect to get a quality product. In contrast, there is no expectation of quality when it comes to a free product.
Now do not get me wrong, just because you paid for a detox program, it does not automatically make this or that program great. And sometimes, free detox diets are better than the paid ones. And here is something else I think you should know: Free detox diets are not really free.
Why not? Because to follow any diet, you need to spend your time and money to put together a diet, which usually involves buying food that you need to eat. True, some diets, which I do not recommend and think that you should stay away from them as far as possible, do not call for much food – they use juices and supplements, but even if you are on a such a diet you still need to spend your money on buying vegetables, fruits and supplements.
The take home point is simply this: Do not be afraid of free detox diets, but always use your head before starting any diet, free or paid, evaluate a diet on its merits, not on whether or not it is free.

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