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Exercise detox – huh? What in the world is an exercise detox? People often talk about detox diets, but an exercise detox is one of those things that constantly stays under the radar. It is a shame. Why? Because, while detox diets are great, people seem to think that they do not need any form of exercise if they already follow a good detox diet. Another reason has to do with the fact that a lot of exercise detoxes I have seen are very intense and hard to follow.
It does not have to be this way. A proper exercise detox is awesome! But why do you need an exercise detox to begin with? Because exercise forces your body to excrete toxins from your body. Best of all, the exercise detox I like can be done virtually anywhere without any exercise equipment and without going to the gym. Sounds too good to be true? It is not.
The simplest exercise detox is the same exercise I happened to think is the best exercise for weight loss. What is it? It is walking. That’s right, walking is the best exercise out there for getting or staying in shape. You can walk practically anywhere. You do not need any exercise equipment or a gym membership to walk. And it is easy to increase the intensity of your walk. How can you do that without any specialized equipment? Just put a backpack with some books on your back.
For most people who are already in shape, walking three times a week for about 30 minutes should be sufficient to maintain their fitness level. If you are not currently in shape and trying to, say, lose a few pounds, walk every day for about 45 minutes a day.

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