Coconut oil weight loss pills

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What is coconut extract?

Coconut oil is extracted from the walnut with the same name and is used in the beauty industry as well as in diets being one of the main sources of medium-chain fatty acids.


Like olive oil, coconut is one of the main foods and healthy fats source in the ketogenic diet, for example, but also in most weight loss diets.

What’s with these medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil, though?

Basically, they are a special category of fatty acids that are transformed directly into energy for your body when consuming fewer carbohydrates.

Coconut oil extract is a concentrated form presented in the form of capsules that bring you the optimum dose of this oil, perfect to help you be healthier and even lose weight.

These pills that you can find in the pharmacy are being increasingly used by many ladies who want to get rid of excess pounds and fat.

Opinions are divided if you look at the debates on this topic but we can bring some solid arguments in favor of using this supplement when you want to lose weight.

Let’s see what the benefits of these slimming capsules are and if they’re worth using in your diet.

Coconut oil cup for weight loss

Benefits of the Supplement

The consumption of this supplement brings positive effects that are hard to ignore and most of them have been demonstrated by researchers.

Coconut oil extract elevates your tone and energy level, so it basically helps you be more active and have a good mood – very important when you do physical workouts alongside healthy eating.

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At the same time, this supplement is also used in reducing ‘ bad ‘ cholesterol as it is called in popular terms. Cholesterol is closely linked to a lot of problems, the consumption of this extract becoming absolutely necessary in such a situation.

Reducing apetite

Although the exact mechanism isn’t known, the acids in coconut oil have an important role in reducing appetite.

Thanks to the acids we just mentioned, which contain the calories you need for your body, it’s possible you’ll lose that feeling of hunger you often feel when you try to eat less.

That’s because processed foods have little nutrients and your body fulfill its needs.

Coconut oil complements these needs and you will feel full.

It has been shown that people who have consumed coconut oil in the form of supplements have been able to consume less than 200 calories daily from the previous period.

So if frequent hunger is one of your problems, coconut oil extract is for you.

Coconut helps you get rid of the belly fat

The more interesting part comes now. Another study showed that coconut oil reduces the fat deposits on the abdomen.

It is one of the few supplements that act on this abdominal area specifically.

You know the hardest fight you carry with the fat on your abdomen and the one on your thighs. Coconut oil is one of your allies here as well.

Coconut extract good for weight loss?

We can talk a lot more about benefits, but I’ll try to help you draw a conclusion.

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Coconut oil is actually a food with positive effects in reducing fat and will help you almost certainly lose weight if you add it into your diet.

You should only use it as a substitute for other unhealthy food sources and as a source of energy instead of carbohydrates from unhealthy foods (especially cereals and sweets) that are usually not metabolized into energy but become kilos on your body.

Coconut oil extract will make you avoid these problems and will enhance the effects of the physical exercise you are doing.

A complete supplement if we can call it that.

Side effects of coconut pills

Compared to other supplements, coconut oil extract can sometimes cause unwanted reactions. You should no longer consume this product if you have some of these symptoms: frequent diarrhea, stomach ache, other intestinal problems or itchy skin. Be cautious and talk to a doctor about these problems if they occur.


Since there are no studies showing the effects of consumption by pregnant or lactating women, it is contraindicated to use this supplement when you are in one of the two situations. My advice is to discuss any supplement with your doctor and he will give you professional advice.

How much coconut for weightloss? Were to buy a quality supplement?

As with olive oil, you need a supplement with quality coconut oil. Good supplements use the same term of extra virgin oil and that’s important to you if you want to get all the benefits of this extract.

From the many OK products, I have selected one that I think is worth trying-the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil capsules from Best Supplement.

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They are 100% natural extract from extra virgin oil and are appreciated by buyers as evidenced by the many good reviews they have.

They can be ordered very easily from Amazon and cost only 10 Usd for 30 capsules. Ideally, you should order 4 vials, which is enough for a 2-month cure.


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