Benefits of 5HTP for weight loss

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You’ve surely heard about 5HTP. This amino acid has many benefits for your psyche’s health and it recently seems to be of real help for maintaining an ideal weight as well.

In the following article I’ll explain how these pills act and how useful they are if you follow a diet for weight loss.

What is 5HTP

Simple, it is a natural substance that is extracted from the Griffonia simplicifolia herb and acts on the nervous system maintaining at an optimum level of the chemical substance called serotonin.

5HTP for weight loss

Serotonin is a sort of “substance of happiness” if we were to give it a symbolic name and it is very important to maintain its optimum level. Serotonin levels in the brain affect appetite, mood or sleep.

Therefore, serotonin is successfully used in treating depression, insomnia and even obesity.

5HTP can be found in a concentrated form in pills that are available in any pharmacy or naturist’s and is one of the most popular supplements obtained naturally.

Of course, there are foods that can supply this substance but at a level far too small to have any noticeable effect on you.

5HTP Benefits

If you are subscribed to any herbal supplements’ forum, you’ll definitely read pro or con opinions about 5HTP.

There is no unanimous opinion, but it is certain that people who have used 5HTP have improved their mental state and lost weight in a healthy way.

Let’s see how this supplement acts.

It has been clinically proven that 5HTP reduces migraines and nervousness.

Also, this same substance has a valuable role in treating Parkinson’s disease.

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Another benefit is improving sleep quality and you know how important a restful sleep is to anyone.

5HTP helps alleviate depression symptoms

It also has a role in reducing anxiety as well as depression, which has become so common due to stress nowadays. And as you know, depression is closely linked to obesity and as a matter of fact it negatively influences it.

5HTP helps you reduce your appetite

The most important thing for you is that it has recently been discovered that 5HTP helps you reduce your appetite.

By reducing appetite, you will also cut the number of calories consumed and as a result you will be able to get rid of unwanted pounds.

To convince you about this benefit you must know that according to a study, several women who consumed 5HTP for several weeks were able to lose weight at a more accelerated rate than before its use.

These pills are mentally balancing you, improving your tone, and are your best friend if you want to get the silhouette you’ve always wanted.

5HTP Side effects

Being a natural product, 5HTP can rarely cause adverse reactions especially if consumed in an optimum dosage.

Some of the most common adverse reactions, as with the consumption of other pills, are: nausea, stomach ache, dizziness, diarrhea or muscle tension.

5HTP contraindications

It is not advisable to follow a 5HTP cure if you are pregnant or breastfeeding because we do not know the exact effects on babies.

Likewise, if you are following a psychiatric treatment, do not consume this supplement without consulting your specialty physician.

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5HTP may interact with the antidepressants that have been prescribed to you because it acts all over the substances in the brain.


If I have convinced you that this supplement may be of benefit to you, I would also like to recommend buying a quality product.

It is very important to use quality 5HTP because in many pharmacies you can find products of inferior quality and you’re simply wasting money.


I’m sure you’re confused by how many slimming products there are and you don’t know what to choose.

Maybe you’ve already used some that didn’t work and you probably don’t know if it’s worth trying this one as well.

I think 5HTP is one of those supplements that really helps and is supported by numerous scientific evidence.

It is also one of the few products that work on the body as a whole, physically and mentally, so that you can be balanced and reach your goal weight.


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